by ashlee voorsanger  weds sept 9, 2015 This Week in Comedy checks in with comedian / producer Chris Gersbeck, to get a comedian's ...

Chris Gersbeck - a TWIC Producer Profile

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by ashlee voorsanger  weds sept 9, 2015

This Week in Comedy checks in with comedian / producer Chris Gersbeck, to get a comedian's take on producing a show.

TWIC: When and where was the first show you produced?
April 15, 2015 at QED. 

TWIC: What is the name of your current show and how long has it been running?
Everythign Is Dumbn @ QED. The first show was on my birthday, mentioned above. It was such a success it became a monthly occurrence thereafter.

TWIC: What has been the biggest challenge in producing comedy shows?
Making sure I get people in the door every month, but also having unique aspects to the show that sets us apart from all the other great shows happening every night. 

TWIC: How do your lineups come together? Is it based more on the comic's availability or is the goal curating each show with specific kinds of performers?
I keep a list in my notebook for each month's show (usually two months in advance), and when I see a comic who really impresses me I write their name down, then reach out to them to see if they're available. The only real thing I really look for in a performer is if I find them hilarious. Then I have a dream list of comics I'd want to have headline, and bug them until they get back to me. 

TWIC: What is your biggest hope / goal for the show?
I would eventually love for it to be a weekly show without any decline in quality or attendance. I might have to quit my day job first though. 

TWIC: Describe your show in five words.
Super funny and insanely dumbn. 

TWIC: Proudest moment as a producer?
Getting Todd Barry to headline my show. 

TWIC: What is your advice on getting started in producing a show?
Become friends with the owner and staff, and be prepared to work harder than you expect to. Also, don't expect to get booked on someone else's show just because you booked them on yours. Routinely trading spots rarely makes anyone's show a higher quality. 

TWIC:  What tips do you have on finding / booking a venue?
Same as above, and don't rely only on social media or press to fill seats. 

TWIC: What would you tell someone who is promoting a show?
Get out on the street and hand out fliers around the neighborhood and to literally everyone you meet. Be friendly to everyone, and make the show a pleasant experience to everyone involved to get returning customers. 

TWIC: Your advice on Professionalism in comedy?
Be supportive, be punctual, respond to emails quickly and don't be a dick. 

TWIC: What are your thoughts / tips on networking with comics?
Sticking around after open mics or shows and networking, even if just for 5-10 minutes goes a long way. I see comedians I find really funny all the time, but I never get to talk to them because they're gone before something ends. I can think of at least five comics I'd love to book but I never get a chance to talk to them.

TWIC:  What would you tell a comic who wants to get booked on more shows?Show up to shows you want to do before asking for a spot. Meeting a producer in person and showing your support will definitely bump you to the top of a waiting list. 

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