Everythign is Dumbn wed may 13, 2015 :: 9:30PM $5 - Click here for tickets Chris Gersbeck presents the secon...

Everythign is Dumbn
wednesday may 13, 2015 :: 9:30PM

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Everythign is Dumbn

wed may 13, 2015 :: 9:30PM

Chris Gersbeck presents the second installment of Everythign Is Dumbn at QED! Expect a high volume of laughter, absurdity and fish gutting with this super stacked lineup hosted by FreddyG!

Featuring Comedy by:
Alisha Delp

Exclusive video by: Argon Fritz

Very special guest: David Feldman 

(The Tonight Show, co-creator of The Jack & Triumph Show on adult swim)

Headliner: Dave Hill (WFMU's The Goddamn Dave Hill Show, UCB's The Dave Hill Explosion)

Special tribute to our friend Patrick Salt Ryan. All proceeds from the event will be donated to his family. Additionally, you can donate here:http://www.gofundme.com/srsg8v8

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